James Moore "Relegate the Flesh" curated by Juliette Premmereur + Nicole Grammatico

‘Celestial Being’

‘Celestial Being’

ARTIST: James Moore


Room 3109

Like a mad scientist James Moore invites you into his lab welcoming you with oozing walls and full scale depictions of his cyborgs that are a familiar sight in the streets of NYC. Before you enter his operating room separated by strip curtains invoking the feeling of warehouse parties where his art can regularly be seen, you are led to his fluorescent skeletal creation ‘Celestial Being’ and ‘Illuminate the Hive’ the latter of which is on auction on artsy. written by Valentina Osorio @_arteye and Courtneigh Summerrise @summerrise.jpeg

Artsy Auction: https://www.artsy.net/auction/spring-slash-break-benefit-auction-2016


“Greg Haberny: Unhinged” Special Project Curated by Catinca Tabacaru

‘13, Self-Portrait, 2012’

‘13, Self-Portrait, 2012’

ARTIST: Greg Haberny


Room: 4006

Fun Fact: Greg recently worked with Banksy for 2 months on DismalLand


Talwst Santiago “Minimized Histories,” curated by Magdalyn Asimakis.

Talwst Santiago

ARTIST: Talwst Santiago pronounced "Tall Waist"

@talwst | 

Room 3111