Art Auction Girls Club

For their very first Annual Art Auction, The LowerEastside Girls Club should be no less than proud to have gained not only a healthy support of bids, but a groundswell of public, private and celebrity support. An incredible spread of 80 different contemporary artists contributed their (combined $250,000 valued) art to the fundraiser and although a limited space, hundreds of supporters circled in and out of the event throughout the evening.

During the middle of the evening, Assistant Director, Jenny Dembrow made a warm and bold welcome to the crowd, reminding us that not only are we making an investment in art but an investment in a girl’s career. Although located in the cultural capital of the world, the auction reminded us all how much gender inequity is still a prominent challenge in NYC and how the power of the arts on girls can break cycles of intergenerational poverty. Words by Ginger Boyd



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