The art event of the evening was slightly more formal than the regular gallery opening, and since my nice suit still has body paint on it from the Art S. 10th Anniversary Party I pulled out one from deeper in the closet and headed over to the swanky, unmarked private social club Parlor NY for a Pop-Up Art Event to benefit Mere Mist, the charity that fights against Human Sex-Trafficking.

This is one of the more exclusive social clubs in New York, so I knew this would be an event not to miss.

 After the initial coat check there was a room leading towards the first bar with a fire pit, a small tray of chocolate truffles by ChristinEats sat in front the fire.

Flanking both sides of the fire pit room are giant framed portraits by Roxanne Lowit of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Herring, black leather chairs, and this photo of a girl drinking champagne from the bottle while sitting naked on a Pilates ball. - See more at: http://www.artsucks.com/blog/2013/jan13/mere-mist-art-pop-up-1-24-13.php#sthash.arbsJYXi.dpuf