THE COLLABORATION: The conversation started in Legendary photographer, Janette Beckman's Soho Loft one afternoon. Janette Beckman, Cey Adams and Juliet Silva Yee (PUAE) decided to team up and invite eleven of NYC's finest graffiti artists reinterpret Janett'es Hip Hop archives.  On July 17th, 2014 together we launched Pop-UP Art Event's Inaugural "Artist Salon Series"." Artist; Faust + Claw Money + Trike1 + Alice Mizrachi + Sharp + Revolt + Morning Breath Inc. + Eric Adams + Chino BYI + Greg Lamarche/SP.One + T Kid + JESTER + OVER 350 INVITED GUESTS celebrated the creative collaboration that is now in the Museum City of New York through September 2015, as mentioned in the New York Times article: "Hip-Hop? She Won’t Stop".


The Janette Beckman Hip Hop Mash Up + photographs of hip-hop's early icons will be a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. April 1 - Sept 13, 2015