Pop-Up Art Event presents Paramour Any Faraday and Little Voices Haley Welsh for their New York City debut.

THE COLLABORATION: Hayley Welsh "Little Voices" and Andy Faraday "Paramour" decided to embark on an American / cross country artistic adventure from San Francisco to New York City via Perth, Australia in a converted school bus. When they contacted the Pop-Up Art Event Team to consult and organize their New York City Exhibition, we were excited to help them cultivate the first joint NYC show.

Andy Faraday invited guests into an intimate world through a series of photographic works and installations conceived during the journey. 

Hayley Welsh utilized found objects as her canvas, creating whimsical new worlds with surreal wide-eyed characters as our guides. From street signs and license plates, to old luggage, Welsh turned what most of us would see as trash into wonderful works of art while traveling in her mobile studio (the American school bus). June 12 - 14, 2014 | Culturefix Gallery.