THE COLLABORATION: When The Nomad Barber, a.k.a Miguel Gutierrez was in the beginning stages of planning his 12 month / 20 country pilgrimage to learn more about the history of barbering and male grooming worldwide, he connected with the Pop-Up Art Event Team, of course we were inspired by his adventurous spirit and "The Art of Hair, Collaborative Worlds" seed was planted. 

THE CREATION: "The Art of Hair, Collaborative Worlds", was born on February 22, 2014 featuring hair-centric art from artists; Mensen, Lucien ShapiroJanette Beckman + Angela Cappetta + Gudrun Georges + Jessica Pettway + Kerry NYC +  Biddy + Angelina Avallone + Lazaro A. + Michelle Johnson + Carla Silva + Michael Johnson + Erica Vega + Natalia Quintana, while the Nomad Barber + legendary barbers performed cuts on site in an abandoned bodega on the Lower East Side. It just made sense to team up with LUSH Cosmetics (who introduced their new mens hair care line) + Project Art (kids created self portraits using LUSH Cosmetics as their medium + Traveler Beer ( provided the "Curious Traveler" to all in attendance)  + ABC Carpet (lighting) as our community partners + over 400 guest.